Keynote Lectures

Art and Politics, Institute of Contemporary Arts 1977

International Textile Conference, Rhode Island School of Design, USA 1985

World Crafts Council, Vienna 1990

British Design, Aspen, Colorado 1986

Symposium, 3rd International Textile Competition, Kyoto, Japan 1991

1st International Ceramics Symposium, Shigaraki, Japan 1991

Symposium on Contemporary Ceramics, Victoria and Albert Museum 1992

Art on the Edge, symposium, Crafts Council 1992

Trading Places, the crafts and Europe, East Midlands Arts, Nottingham 1993

The Raw and the Cooked, ceramics symposium, Oxford 1993

Japan Study Day, University of East Anglia 1993

Value Added/Added Value (ceramics), Central School of Art and Design 1994

Symposium 4th International Textile Competition, Kyoto 1994

Crafts: a Common European Language, Woolley Hall (Crafts Council) 1994

Japan Symposium, Victorian and Albert Museum 1995

Sculpture, Objects, Functional Art, Miami USA 1996

Crafts Renaissance, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto 1997

Objects of Our Time, Crafts Council 1997

Contemporary Crafts, Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh 1998

Objects of Our Time, American Craft Museum 1998

Defining the Object: Museums and the Interpretation of Craft and Design, University of Manchester 1998

Critical Dimensions: seminars on the crafts, University of Northumbria 1999

Nostalgia or Modernity? Fifty Years of Crafts, University of East Anglia 1999

Dangerous Liaisons: Art and Craft, University of Hertfordshire 1999

Textiles: What is Critical? Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester 2000

New Directions in Applied Art, Bergen, Norway 2001

Form and Content: technology and aesthetics in ceramics, Ceramic Review/Crafts Council, London 2001

Crafts in the Twenty-first Century: theorising change and practice, Edinburgh  College of Art ,2002 (Chair of Curating the Craft Object strand)

Brennpunkt Bergen: international contemporary ceramics, Norway 2003

‘Concept and Material’: International Ceramics Conference, Oslo 2003

Through the Surface: international symposium, West Surrey College of Art and Design, 2004 (Chair and speaker)

Making It in the 21st Century, Royal College of Art, 2004

Bernard Leach – a continuing influence, Asia House/RCA, 2004 (Chair)

The Secret Life of Clay, Tate Liverpool, 2004

The Future of Craft, Rosska Museum, Goteborg, Sweden  2004

Vision into Practice, West Dean College, Sussex, 2005 speaker and Chair

Craft Debates, Art Workers Guild (Chair), October 2005

The Meaning of the Object, National Museum of Design (Kunstindustriemuseet, Copenhagen), October 2005

New Craft, Future Voices, University of Dundee, July 2007

‘Re-defining Contemporary Craft’, 24th September 2009, International Craft Biennale 2009, Cheongju, South Korea, proceedings published by the Society of Korean Aesthetics and Science of Art, 2009

‘The Applied Arts in Britain’, Forming Ideas symposium,  Museu da Casa Brasileira, Sao Paulo, 25th February 2010.

‘The World Turned Upside Down: Applied Arts in a Global Context’, Bengt Julins Foundation lecture, National Museum, Stockholm, 13 September 2010

‘What is Ceramic Art Here to Do?’ Bergen National Academy of the Arts seminar, Camden Arts Centre, London, 3-4th March 2011

‘The Role of the RCA in Creativity and Innovation’ UKTI Lifestyle Mission to Brazil, British Centre, Sao Paulo, 22 March 2011

‘Arts and Crafts to Avant-Garde’ for ‘100 Years After the Rackstad Colony’ ,Rakstadmuseum, Arvika, Sweden,16th May 2011:

‘RCA Research’ for Textile Staff Research Seminar, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway, 31st October 2011

‘Dream Home’ for ‘Home as a Historical Context for Arts and Crafts’, Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts Arts annual symposium, National Museum, Oslo, 16 November 2011

Curating Craft, international seminar 23-24th November 2012, National Academy of Art and Design, Bergen Norway, lecture: ‘The Craft Ideal in the 1990’s’

‘Encountering Art and Design’, Staff  Research Conference, University of the Creative Arts, King’s Place, London 4th May 2012 (Lecture: ‘Finding Ourselves Elsewhere’)

CADRE (Centre for Art, Design, Research and Experimentation) Public Research Lecture Series 2012/13, University of Wolverhampton, May 21st 2013

The 2013 Peter Dormer Lecture, Royal College of Art, London, ‘History in the Making’, 2nd December 2013

The Tony Ainsworth Memorial Lecture, Ceramic Art London, 17th April 2015

Postcraft, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, June 2016

ISCAEE (International Society for Ceramic Art Education and Exchange), international ceramics conference, University of the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey UK, 13th July 2017


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