BBC2 Saturday Review, programme on contemporary ceramics 1984

NHK TV, Tokyo; series consultant for Contrast in Crafts, six programmes on European contemporary applied arts, broadcast 1991

Radio 4 Kaleidoscope, on Michael Cardew 1989

Radio 4 Kaleidoscope, on CAA 25 years in Covent Garden 1993

Radio 3 Critics Forum, discussion on contemporary crafts 1993

Radio 4, special report on applied arts 1994

Radio 4, Woman’s Hour, Works for ’94, 1994

Channel 4, For Love or Money, on collecting contemporary ceramics 1994

Radio 3, Nightwaves, on arts patronage 1996

Radio 4, Kaleidoscope, on Objects of Our Time, 1996

Radio 4, Woman’s Hour, on ceramics and fine art, 1998

Radio 4, Nightwaves, on Bernard Leach, 1998

Radio 4, Woman’s Hour on the Woman’s Hour Craft Prize selection 2017

Radio 4, Woman’s Hour, Woman’s Hour Craft Prize announcement special 2017

Radio 4, Woman’s Hour, special feature on On the Line: new perspectives on craft in Southeast Asia 2017



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