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 Martina Margetts is a leading specialist in contemporary craft and design. She teaches, writes, curates, broadcasts and lectures internationally, working with major institutions.

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Her nine years as editor of the British journal Crafts and her decades of postgraduate teaching at the Royal College of Art have enabled a continual testing of ideas about craft and design in global socio-cultural contexts.   She continues to supervise research students at the Royal College of Art.

She is on the advisory board of the Journal of Modern Craft and of the journal Craft Research. Her books include International Crafts (1991), Michael Rowe (2003) and Tord Boontje (2007). Most recently, she has contributed essays to the books Contemporary Clay and Museum Culture (2016), The Ceramics Reader (2017) and Material Perceptions (2018).

Exhibitions which she has curated for major institutions include The Raw and the Cooked: New Work in Clay in Britain (1993, co-curated with Alison Britton); Objects of Our Time (1996/7); Only Human (1999/2000) and Time Machines: Daniel Weil and the Art of Design (2014).

A British Council research visit to Thailand was the basis for her curation of On the Line: New Perspectives on Craft in Southeast Asia in London in 2017.  Forthcoming this year are her major essay for the book Postcraft (Sternberg Press) and a paper on Southeast Asian craft and design issues for the Design History Society’s international conference in New York.

Contact email: martina.margetts@gmail.com,

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Curator and writer on crafts and design